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How to Help Patients Find the Right Marijuana Dispensary to Buy Weed?

Being a reputed doctor you have to recommend a dispensary which meets the needs of your patients. As we all know, not all marijuana dispensaries are created equal. You have to ensure that your patients choose the right medical marijuana. Here’s what to consider when recommending licensed marijuana Canada to your patients.

Quality of Weed

Different patients use medications for various purposes. Some patients use it to relieve chronic pain. Some use it to promote appetite and some use it to treat several conditions. The effect is also related to the quality of the product. When you order weed online, keep in mind that strong sativa gives long-lasting and quick relief from pain. On the other side, mediocre and weak sativa is failed to deliver the results. You should also know the quality of strain to help them find the best treatment.


It is another important consideration when it comes to mail order marijuana. The prices are likely to vary from provider to provider, from strain to strain, and from state to state. Be sure the dispensary recommended is not charging overly for the quality of product. Instead, make sure the dispensaries share price list and let you do research and compare costs before you settle on anyone. On average, the price of weed is up to $15 per gram.